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Progressive Degree Program

The Progressive Degree Program (PDP) enables superior USC undergraduate students to apply undergraduate coursework toward the completion of a USC master’s degree.  Pursuing a progressive degree can deepen your education and further prepare you for future career in as little as one additional year.

Is a progressive degree for you?

Progressive DegreeEarning a master’s through Progressive Degrees is offered exclusively to USC undergraduate students. It is an ideal option if you want a competitive edge in admission to law, medical, or other professional schools; or if you would like to explore an academic path related to your bachelor’s degree (i.e., areas like aging, diplomacy, media and communication, globalization, or professional writing); or you’re on a career path where a master’s degree might prove crucial (i.e., in engineering, health professions, or accounting). Whatever the reason, a Progressive Degree allows you to pursue your passions and deepen your knowledge in an area you find enriching.

Progressive DegreeA progressive master’s degree should build on the learning from your undergraduate field of study. Other great features of the Progressive Degree program: your application for admission is free, you’ll enjoy a streamlined admission process that doesn’t require taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and departments may reduce the number of units required for the master’s by up to one-third based on completion of appropriate undergraduate coursework.

Progressive degrees could potentially be almost any Master’s degree at USC.  However, not every Master’s program at USC allows the Progressive Degree option. Some professional degrees, such as the MBA and most medical practitioner Master’s programs, are not available for the Progressive Degree option.

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