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Choosing a Major

You will have lots of decisions to make during your time at USC – which classes should you take? Which clubs and organizations should you join? Should you study abroad? For many students, one of the most daunting yet exciting decisions is choosing a major. The path to choosing a major will be different for different people; some students already have an idea about what they want to major in, while others need time to discover and explore their interests before finding a major.

It’s important to remember that discovering your major is a process, and may take a few semesters of work on your part. For some students, just taking an introductory course in the subject will tell them what they need to know, while others won’t know for sure until they’ve had experience as an intern or research assistant in the field. Whatever your process, advisors are here to help all along the way.

The pages in this section will give you some ideas of how to start looking for a major, how to prepare for it once you find one, and finally how to declare it.

How to Choose a Major