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Spring 2022 Grade Option Frequently Asked Questions

Find responses to frequently asked questions below. A list of academic support offices is available here.

Undergraduate Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Grade Option FAQs

Incomplete (IN) & Withdrawal (W) Grade Option FAQs

Graduate Pass/No Pass (P/NP) Grade Option FAQs

USC Advisor Connect

In his 10/28/21 memo to all students, Provost Zukoski announced a new academic advising service – USC Advisor Connect. USC Academic Advisor Connect is a triage service to help students understand academic policy, grade options, and institutional resource offerings. Academic advisors are available to help students evaluate what might work best in their specific circumstance, and in more complex scenarios, they are able to advocate on a student’s behalf with other campus partners. 

If you have a question beyond what is addressed in the FAQ pages, you can submit a message to one of our academic advising staff by clicking the button below. This service is available to undergraduate and graduate students. Your message should include:

  • USC ID
  • Your current degree program
  • The class(es) you have questions/concerns about
  • What grade options you are considering
  • What (if any) discussion you have had with your academic advisor 
  • Other relevant information related to your concern

Your submission will be managed through the USC Provost Shared Services Portal and you will receive communication from the email address “USC Provost Service Center”.

Academic Calendar Dates

for classes that started January 10 and have finals ending May 11*

Last day to drop a class without a mark of ‘W’, except for Monday-only classes, and receive a refund for Session 001 January 28 January 28

11:59pm PST

Deadline to select Pass/No Pass Grade Option January 28 February 11**

11:59pm PST

Last day to change a Pass/No Pass to a letter grade for Session 001 February 25 February 25

11:59pm PST

First opportunity to request an Incomplete April 9 April 9
Spring semester classes end April 29 April 29
Study Days April 30 – May 3 April 30 – May 3
Final examinations May 4 – 11  May 4 – 11

* To find dates for courses following different semester dates, please check the course dates on the USC Schedule of Classes

**Graduate students will receive instructions directly from their School dean indicating whether any courses can be taken for the Pass/No Pass grade option. Certain accreditation and licensure requirements may restrict the usage of Pass/No Pass grade options at the graduate level. Consult your academic program for details that apply to you.