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USC Advisor Connect

USC Advisor Connect

In his 10/28/21 memo to all students, Provost Zukoski announced a new academic advising service – USC Advisor Connect. USC Academic Advisor Connect is a triage service to help students understand academic policy, grade options, and institutional resource offerings. Academic advisors are available to help students evaluate what might work best in their specific circumstance, and in more complex scenarios, they are able to advocate on a student’s behalf with other campus partners. 

Submit a message to one of our academic advising staff by clicking the button below. This service is available to undergraduate and graduate students. Your message should include:

  • USC ID
  • Your current degree program
  • The class(es) you have questions/concerns about
  • What grade options you are considering
  • What (if any) discussion you have had with your academic advisor 
  • Other relevant information related to your concern

Your submission will be managed through the USC Provost Shared Services Portal and you will receive communication from the email address “USC Provost Service Center”.