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The Undergraduate Experience

By providing a distinctive undergraduate experience built on excellent liberal arts and professional programs, we aim to create unique opportunities for career preparation through innovative collaborations across disciplines. The university’s commitment to becoming the world center for innovative interdisciplinary research and undergraduate education is reflected in the emphasis on providing opportunities for students to participate in research and related scholarly endeavors. Our academic programs span the spectrum from basic to applied research with a high degree of societal relevance. This focus on undergraduate participation in the creation of knowledge is a principal ingredient of the academic experience at USC.

In addition to formal academic major and minor programs, USC offers undergraduates an academic life full of opportunities — to conduct research with faculty, to study abroad, to learn by serving the community and much more. We know that tomorrow’s leaders will have broad backgrounds in diverse fields. They will be life-long learners with the ability and passion to continuously acquire and synthesize knowledge. In short, they will have both a breadth and a depth of knowledge. Academic life at USC offers a constellation of opportunity. For those who accept them, there are challenges here to be seized and shaped for a lifetime of leadership, intelligent citizenship, and enlightened living. Welcome and best wishes as you pursue your academic endeavors.

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