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Community Engagement

Our location in Los Angeles is precious to us. LA is filled with opportunities for public service, community involvement, and service-learning. See what USC, and USC students, do in the local community. Be part of the movement.

Volunteer Center

The Center is unique in that it is essentially a student-run department within USC’s Division of Student Affairs. Over 300 non-profits and other agencies offer volunteer opportunities in the community in addition to the USC Friends & Neighbors Service Days. Get involved and make a difference – it will make a difference in you as well.

Joint Educational Project (JEP)

Since 1972, JEP has been providing opportunities for USC students to combine their academics with community involvement – that’s over 40 years! Take part in one of the many programs with local community schools and service agencies to make a difference.

Our Communities

USC is a member of several diverse and dynamic communities. We are committed to being a good neighbor and civic partner. Check out what is happening with the different USC Community Initiatives from community building and education to economic development.

Alternative Break Programs

At USC, the beach is always only a few miles away…why not take a more exclusive trip for spring (or winter or summer) break? Spend your break exploring a culture, learning about significant social issues, and volunteering on projects that benefit a local community or the environment.