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Technology & Society

New technologies change the ways we express ourselves, communicate, conduct research, engage in politics, and even how we learn. From the visual arts to literature and engineering, at USC you’ll explore new technologies and emerging forms of literacy. Learn more about what we mean…

Honors in Multimedia Scholarship

If you would like to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies and emerging forms of literacy, consider this innovative four-year honors option. This honors option lets you integrate multimedia into you major and/or minor studies and graduate with honors on your transcript.

Media Arts + Practice

Literacy can take many forms in the 21st century. MAP is dedicated to exploring these new forms of media and understanding how to use them effectively. Learn more about how your proficiency in multimedia can influence your powers of communication and self-expression.

Minors and Certificates from the Information Technology Program (ITP)

The Web is now part of the fabric of our everyday work and personal lives. From facebook to email to using google docs, our lives are all moving on the web. Every major industry has been significantly reshaped by the power of the web including music, movies, gaming, politics, advertising, PR, education, health, etc. The web is the universal driving force of change in our lives and the knowledge of how the web is used is critical for every USC student.

Technology Centers & Initiatives

From educational environments to Hollywood blockbusters, USC’s faculty and students are at the forefront of emerging and creative technologies in a variety of fields.