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Reflect, Assess and Make an Initial Decision

With so many great majors to choose from, deciding can be tough. You may ultimately decide to also minor, double major, or even earn a second bachelor’s degree. If you have a specific graduation goal, be aware that you will eventually run out of time to choose a major. Hopefully you have used the time wisely and have all you need to decide. Here are some ideas to approach the final decision:

Weigh the evidence against values and desired outcomes

Compare the information you’ve gathered about each major with the goals and values you outlined at the beginning of the process. Have you changed your mind about what’s most important? That’s okay – they were your rules, feel free to bend and break them! What programs meet your requirements for what is most important to you? Can you realistically expect admission to the major? Are you ready to join and pursue the major?

Talk with family and friends

This is an exciting decision – share it with the special people in your life! People who have known you for many years and who know you well may have some insights that you yourself might not be aware of. Use your own “village” as a sounding board and to provide perspective. Remember though that ultimately it is your education and your decision.

Be realistic while allowing yourself to dream

You may want to be the next George Lucas, but the Cinematic Arts Film and Television Production program accepts fewer than 50 students each year. Or, you want to become a top business executive, but the calculus and accounting requirements for the Business Administration major do not sound appealing. Remember that there are many paths to a goal and your undergraduate major is just one step along the way. Go ahead and prepare yourself to be the best applicant for the program of your choice, but at the same time be aware of your reasonable chances for admission and recognize that your dreams and aspirations can be reached by a different route.

Use your head and your heart to decide

At the end of the day, choosing a major is really up to you alone. You’ve gathered information and opinions from advisors, faculty, students, friends, and family, and you’ve hopefully had some of your own experiences both in and out of the classroom. Now it’s time to determine what all the information, opinions, and experiences mean to YOU. Remember, it’s okay not to know everything before deciding. It’s time to make a choice based on what you know, but also what you feel. Treat information and intuition equally and decide the best path for yourself.

Next step…Take Action Toward Declaring Your Major