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List of Majors

The online catalogue contains a list of all undergraduate majors offered at USC both alphabetically and by school. Check the links for information about the admission and graduation requirements of each program. Many departments offer several programs. In some cases these are separate majors; in other cases, these are options or concentrations available within one major.

Exploring Majors by Group/Topic

How do you think about and understand the world?

  • Do you like to study human expression of ideas through the arts, language, literature, and philosophy? Check out Arts and Humanities.
  • Are you curious about societies, nations, policies, commerce, media and the individuals that form them? Check into the Social Sciences.
  • Do you have an interest in the structures and patterns of living creatures, environments, and the physical world? Check into the Natural Sciences.
  • Do you think well quantitatively and want to learn how to measure, design, and numerically describe ideas and objects? Check out Engineering, Computer, Quantitative, and Technical Sciences.
  • Did you find many topics that interest you on more than one list? Maybe you should choose a second emphasis – we love that here! Did you think a major listed under one area could have been categorized under another? That shows you’re thinking and recognize topics are variable – good for you!