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Exploratory Advising

Academic Exploration Advising (AEA) is the central advising office for all Exploratory, Undecided and Undeclared students at USC.  We assist students who are undecided or unsure about their major to find their academic home at USC.  We are here to provide information and guidance throughout the exploration process.

Academic Advising is an ongoing process of clarification and re-evaluation of academic goals and plans with active participation between the advisor and the student.  It’s more than just scheduling and registration! We are committed to providing students with information about campus resources and offer referrals, and opportunities that help enhance the academic experience including internships, volunteer work, international opportunities, and directive research.

Please note that Exploratory, Undecided and Undeclared students must declare a major before they reach Junior standing (64 total units).

Mandatory Advising

Exploratory, Undecided and Undeclared students are expected to meet with their assigned advisor each semester. Students can expect to:

  • Complete reflective intake survey prior to appointment
  • Review intake survey answers with advisor
  • Discuss interests and goals
  • Outline plan for continued academic exploration
  • Identify potential majors and review related admission processes
  • Check academic progress in current semester (midterm grades)
  • Discuss any changes in interests and adjust academic plans accordingly
  • Review application process and deadlines for admission to desired program (if applicable)
  • Make course recommendations for the next semester
  • Lift mandatory advising hold for registration in next semester