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What is Exploratory?

Your AEA advisor is skilled in working with students in any phase of exploration, and they are here to assist you in finding your academic home at USC. Exploratory students typically fall into these areas:

Exploring Many Fields of Interest

This describes a student who is not yet sure where they want to end up, but who knows they want to consider their options. An AEA advisor will work with this student to help them narrow their focus and consider all their choices, while ensuring they are making progress toward university General Education requirements.

Completing Pre-application Requirements

Some academic programs at USC have specific admission requirements that must be met prior to application. These students typically work with an AEA advisor to ensure they are meeting both the pre-application requirements and their university General Education requirements.

These schools do not have “open” major declaration and there is no guarantee of admission.  A separate application and pre-application coursework are typically required:

These schools have mostly “open” major declaration and can be declared upon meeting with the school’s admission or advising staff: