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Registration FAQs

Fall 2020 Enrollment

FAQs for advising during Orientation (sent to CAA 6/5/2020)

  • The University continues to review course scheduling and offerings, and will be adding additional sections as we proceed through the summer. Students should be encouraged to review web registration for updated class schedules periodically.
  • Students should be aware that currently offered classes may change days/times, and plan on checking their registered course list for any conflicts periodically.
  • Students should consider time zones if there is a possibility that they will not be in Los Angeles for courses. A good reference tool for students is:
  • Students will need to acknowledge information regarding potential course changes and modes on Web Reg before they can make changes their schedules. This is new for fall 2020.
  • Students with questions regarding returning to campus should be directed to the communication from Dr. Folt on June 2, 2020. Future updates and information will be made available on the university’s soon-to-be-launched “Trojans Return” website.
  • We expect the university to follow the normal grading guidelines for the fall 2020 semester, even for online or hybrid classes. If this changes, advisors and students will be notified.
  • All departments have identified courses which can follow an online modality, can be taught in a hybrid format, or require some or all in-person instruction. Social distancing considerations will be kept in mind when students are required to attend courses in person.

Notes for Incoming Students

  • Students should be advised to register for at least 12 units.
  • In some specific cases relating to medical issues, religious obligations or compulsory military/national service, deferrals may be available for incoming students. However, generally, deferrals will not be granted to incoming undergraduates.
  • New students who have committed to enroll at USC in the fall but who fail to do so, will forfeit their spot in the entering class and will need to reapply (with no guarantee of re-admission) should they wish to attend the university in a future term. Students with further questions should contact their admission counselor. They can find their admission counselor’s contact information online at:

Notes for International Students

  • Updated June 12, 2020: OIS and Graduate Admission have prepared a document outlining some important considerations for advisors and academic planners, related to enrollment of international students in Fall 2020. Review their recommendations here:  International Student Enrollment & Advising – Fall 2020
  • The university anticipates that travel to the U.S. will be challenging for international students this fall.  USC Enrollment Services has been working with departments to open new and rescheduled sections in classes. This work is ongoing.
  • Incoming students should participate in Orientation, register for at least 12 units, and follow other notes above.
  • Additional information regarding international student enrollment is forthcoming and will be updated here when information is available.

Spring 2020 Enrollment

Dornsife GE Office COVID-19 Policy Summary Page (added 3/26/2020)

How will taking my courses P/NP affect Latin Honors? (added 4/1/2020)

Pass/No Pass grades do not affect a student’s grade point average. To be eligible for undergraduate honors at graduation, a minimum overall grade point average of 3.5 for cum laude, 3.7 for magna cum laude and 3.9 for summa cum laude is required. Students must meet these averages for residence work attempted, and combined transferred and residence work attempted. The grade point average calculation is truncated, not rounded. University honors are noted on academic transcripts and the diploma.

If I take my courses for a letter grade, I may not earn Latin Honors; however, taking my courses P/NP may not be favorable when I apply to graduate school? What should I do? (added 4/1/2020)

The decision to change your grade option is ultimately a personal choice. Consult with your academic advisor and/or consult your future graduate programs to make a well-informed decision.

Is USC planning to adopt a mandatory pass/fail semester grade option policy so this semester can only positively impact the honors calculation of GPA? (added 4/1/2020)

At this time the University has no plans to adopt a mandatory pass/fail semester.

Have any revised policies been announced for students with collection holds? (added 4/1/2020)

Student Financial Services is not announcing any blanket policy changes on collection holds at this time. Instead, students are asked to contact University Collections for assistance if they cannot settle their outstanding bills. Each student’s circumstances are different and SFS wants to be sensitive to those differences while also helping students avoid taking on more debt then they can manage. Students may contact University Collections at: 213-740-9087 |  If a student has a past due payment plan, which is a bit more complicated, please refer them to: 213-740-4077 |

Can students who are facing academic integrity violations take advantage of the Pass/No Pass grade option for their classes? (added 3/30/2020)

Students facing academic integrity violations may opt for the Pass/No Pass option in courses where the violation is alleged, however if they are found responsible for an academic integrity violation and given a grade penalty, the Pass/No Pass grade will be changed to a letter grade option by the Registrar (subject to change).

How are students pursuing a progressive degree impacted by the new Pass/No Pass options? (added 3/26/2020)

Progressive degree program students are a separate intermediate category between undergraduate and graduate students. The policy for progressive degree undergraduate coursework has been established. Undergraduate coursework may be taken Pass/No Pass in the spring 2020 semester. The minimum passing grade for undergraduate courses taken Pass/No Pass is a C- equivalent. The policy for graduate coursework will follow the guidelines set by each individual school. Please check with the appropriate school for the graduate grading policy this semester.

How many courses may a student take this semester Pass/No Pass? Can students exceed the 24-unit limit and still satisfy degree requirements? (added 3/26/2020)

Undergraduate students may take all courses Pass/No Pass in the spring 2020 semester. If a student exceeds the 24-unit limit on Pass/No Pass courses during the spring 2020 semester, the courses will count toward all university requirements.   

Do the courses a student takes P/NP in spring 2020 count toward the 24-unit limit? (added 3/26/2020)

An undergraduate student who meets or exceeds the 24-unit limit in the spring 2020 semester may not take courses Pass/No Pass in subsequent semesters. 

What is the minimum letter grade required to pass a course taken with a P/NP grade option? (added 3/26/2020)

The minimum passing grade for undergraduate courses taken Pass/No Pass is a C- equivalent. 

With the extension of the option to change grading options to P/NP, is the deadline to withdraw without a “W” on the transcript also extended? (added 3/25/2020)

No. The deadline to drop without a mark of “W” was not extended and remains 2/28/2020.  All drops (in session 001 and sessions that mirror that session) after 2/28/2020 will appear on the official transcript with a mark of “W”.  Students may receive an auto response after changing their grade option that implies the withdraw without a “W” deadline has been extended, but it has not been.

Can a student change a course from P/NP back to letter grade (if they declared it P/NP before the 3/20 memo)? (added 3/25/2020)
Yes, students who were previously registered for a P/NP course can now switch the class back to a letter grade. They must do so by April 24, and they will not be eligible to petition to retroactively change their grade option for the course back to P/NP in the future.

Can a student taking a class for freshman forgiveness choose to take the course Pass/No Pass? (added 3/23/2020)
Yes, a student taking a course for freshman forgiveness may change their grade option to Pass/No Pass. The Pass/No Pass grade will stand and their original grade will be excused from their GPA. Both grades will be reported on their final transcript.

Can Progressive Degree Program students opt to take their graduate courses Pass/No Pass? (added 3/23/2020)
Progressive degree program students are a separate intermediate category between undergraduate and graduate students. The policy for progressive degree undergraduate coursework has been established. How this policy applies to graduate coursework is under review. Please check back at the end of this week for more information.

If a student takes one (or more) GEs P/NP in Spring 2020, are they still able to take one more GE course P/NP in the future? (added 3/23/2020)

Students may take as many GE courses P/NP as they need to during Spring 2020, however the “one GE P/NP” policy will still be in effect for any other GE classes in subsequent semesters.  If they take one or more GE courses this semester P/NP, they will not be able to take other GE courses P/NP in subsequent semesters.

Is the GE Pass/No Pass limit also waived? Can I take all my GEs Pass/No Pass this semester and still take another GE Pass/No Pass in the future? (added 3/23/2020)

Students can take all courses Pass/No Pass this semester. If a student exceeds the 24-unit limit on Pass/No Pass courses this semester, the courses will count toward all university requirements; however a student who hits the 24-unit limit this semester should not take Pass/No Pass courses in subsequent semesters.

How does taking all courses Pass/No Pass impact students on academic probation? (added 3/23/2020)

Courses taken Pass/No Pass will not contribute grade points toward a student’s GPA. Students should carefully assess their performance in a course, and perhaps consult their Academic Review Counselor, before deciding whether to change any courses to Pass/No Pass.

How will classes taken Pass/No Pass affect an internal USC transfer to X major? (added 3/23/2020)

Students should contact the undergraduate academic department of their intended major to understand how taking courses Pass/No Pass may impact their transfer.

Marshall Internal Transfer Policies have been updated on their website.

Leventhal Internal Transfer Policies have been sent to all students enrolled in gateway courses this semester (BUAD 280, BUAD 281 or BUAD 305).

The Viterbi Internal Transfer Process has been updated on their website.

How will Pass/No Pass impact my plans for professional programs, employment, or graduate study? (added 3/23/2020)

Students can consult with their academic and/or career counselor, or opt to earn Letter grades. When known, the student may choose to contact an employer or graduate program directly.

How can OIS forms be signed by advisors? (added 3/20/2020)

If advisors are unable to sign and scan an OIS form, OIS will accept an email verification from the academic advisor’s USC email address.

What is the university plan for summer coursework? (added 3/20/2020)

The university expects to have a better idea of public health conditions for summer as we enter April and May.  Currently there are no alterations announced for summer schedules, but students and advisors should continue to check their USC email regularly for updates.

What should advisors do if contacted by food-insecure students? (added 3/20/2020)

Direct the students to Student Basic Needs at; they will be given an intake form and added to a listserve so they receive information regarding next steps and updates. Note: students can also be given the Community Resources flyer linked below.  The Trojan Food Pantry is currently closed; an emergency meal plan for eligible students has been arranged through Student Basic Needs.

What plans are being made for the USC taught foreign language placement tests? (added 03/18/2020)

The Language Center is working to identify solutions with ITS.  Students should watch the Language Center website for additional information on registering for tests.

Does this mean we are required to move to virtual appointments effective immediately?

Effective immediately, we expect all units to make virtual advising appointments the standard for undergraduate academic advising units across campus.  We understand some exceptions may need to be made, but encourage the use of Zoom whenever possible.

Do advisement front offices need to be open during the break?

Check with your department leadership to determine staffing expectations.

How can paper registration forms be signed for use by the Registrar?

Advisors can submit forms for students by sending them to from their USC email address.

What about the non-USC language placement exams scheduled for April 17?

Contact the Language Center to determine next steps.

What about Maymester programs?

See below for updates about Dornsife Maymester programs. Contact other Schools directly for updates about Maymester program outside of Dornsife.

  • Dornsife instructors have been sent Contingency Planning forms and may be reaching out to students for details regarding their need for a course, their funding concerns, or their airline plans.  Refer students back to the instructors and ensure that they have shared all necessary details with their faculty as soon as possible.
  • All international Dornsife Maymesters have been canceled; instructors are in the process of deciding whether to change to domestic, Los Angeles-based or online or combination programming.
  • All international Dornsife Problems without Passports/Summer Departmental programs with a May start have been cancelled.  Decisions will be made by March 31 about June and July start programs.
  • Students should not drop a Dornsife Maymester class.  A list will be sent to the Registrar, where the students will be dropped without the W.
  • Students in canceled Dornsife Maymester programs may add a different program if needed.
  • Students in canceled Dornsife Maymester programs may be refunded their commitment deposits.
  • Students who were awarded SURF/SOAR funding will keep their award as long as the course they are enrolled in is a research-based course.
  • Students asking about Maymester USC housing should be referred to the USC website.