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USC Provost’s Undergrad Research Fellowships

Grant Period:  Fall 2023 (Note: Should COVID-19 rates increase, we ask all faculty supervisors and their students to conduct their research projects remotely)

The Office of the Provost will provide a limited number of fellowships for undergraduate research each academic year in the fall, spring and summer terms. Each undergraduate student funded by the program will receive a stipend in the amount of $1000 ($3000 in Summer) to support research in any academic field for a period of not less than ten weeks at 10 hours per week for Fall and Spring and 20 hours per week in the Summer (no less than eight weeks) during the awarded term. All full-time USC faculty engaged in research are eligible to serve as faculty supervisors.

Application Instructions

Applications will be available late July 2023.  Eligible undergraduate students will submit the following by Thursday, August 24, 2023 (11:59 pm) to be considered for funding:

  • Please select Student Online Application and go to Undergraduate Programs – Provost Fellowship Application Fall 2023.  Go to sign-in (located at top right hand corner) to access application. You will also be asked to include your intended research project (one page 500 word limit) on the application. Students should use the text box provided on the portal (preferred).  If you have images (i.e., symbols, charts, graphs etc.,) then you should use the upload browser feature to upload your one-page project descriptions.
  • Provost Faculty Supervisor Recommendation. The application will generate an email to faculty supervisors so that you can complete an online or upload a faculty recommendation letter through a link provided to them via email.  Please note: Faculty Supervisor Recommendation Forms are valid for one year. Faculty whose previous recommendation forms are less than a year old are encouraged to enter “Use faculty recommendation already on file” when submitting recommendation form through the portal. Faculty may elect to either upload their recommendation letters using the upload browser feature or copy and paste their recommendation in the text box provided through the portal.

All funding decisions will be announced by September 8.

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Enrollment of 12 or more units at USC during Fall 2023 in a program leading to an undergraduate degree (Progressive Degree students are ineligible to apply for Provost Fellowship awards).
  • Prior volunteer or funded research experience with a research active USC faculty member is preferred.
  • USC cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. Preference will be given to students whose USC cumulative GPA is 3.5 or better.
  • Students must complete at least 64 units before submitting an application.
  • Current Provost Fellowship recipients who plan to apply for a fellowship must submit an online application, an updated project description and faculty recommendation letter (valid for one year only) and a two-page final summary report.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. David Glasgow via email at