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8th Annual Undergraduate Symposium for
Scholarly & Creative Work

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

2006 Symposium Program

2006 Undergraduate Symposium Prize Winners

$500 First Prizes and $250 Second Prizes were awarded in each category


Honorable Mention
Claudia Zhang
Ancient Modernism
Faculty Sponsor: Zoey Wu, East Asian Languages and Cultures
2nd Prize
Roger Zare
The Other Rainbow
Faculty Sponsor: Rick Lesemann, Music Composition
1st Prize
Paul Dooley
Pomo Canyon Air, for orchestra
Faculty Sponsor: Frank Ticheli, Music Composition
Interdisciplinary Award
Julianne Gale
Who am I? Trans Identity in Los Angeles
Faculty Sponsor: Joseph R. Hawkins, Gender Studies, Philip J. Ethington, History


Honorable Mention
Celeste DeFreitas and Brian Ronge
Silent Speech Gestures in Kinyarwanda
Faculty Sponsor: Rachel Walker, Linguistics
Honorable Mention
Georgiana Nikias
The Lost Shawabti: A Scribe’s Ancient Egyptian Funerary Figurine
Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Swartz Dodd, Religion
2nd Prize
Brigid McManama
Imag(in)ing Race After Slavery:  Race and Service in the White House
Faculty Sponsor: Stephanie Bower, The Writing Program
1st Prize
Georgiana Nikias, Hannah Marcuson, and Kristin Butler
Khirbet Mazra’a: The Lost Excavation
Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Swartz Dodd, Religion
Interdisciplinary Award
Shaun Lea
Andean Dye Project: The Mysteries of Textiles
Faculty Sponsor: Lynn Swartz Dodd, Archaeology

Life Sciences

Honorable Mention
Ryan Kohlbrenner and Ricardo Mestres
Effects of Prenatal Stress on Cell Quantity in the Nucleus Accumbens and Cingulate Cortex Area 3 in the Animal Model of Schizophrenia
Faculty Sponsor: William McClure, Biological Sciences
Honorable Mention
Raymond Jone
Modeling and characterizing Synapse Elimination using Xenopus laevis
Faculty Sponsor: Albert Herrera, Neurobiology
2nd Prize
Anna Maria Maglunog
The Role of Netrin-1 in Commissural Axon Guidance
Faculty Sponsor: Samantha Butler, Neuroscience
1st Prize
Stephanie Bughi and Jatturong Wichianson
Prevalence of Night Eating Syndrome Among College Undergraduate Students
Faculty Sponsors: Donna Spruijt-Metz and Selena Michel, Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
Interdisciplinary Award
Mahira Kakajiwala
Spacial and temporal divesity of marine viruses in the San Pedro Channel
Faculty Sponsors: Jed Furhman, Marine Environmental Biology

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering

Honorable Mention
Dolce Wang
A Shocking Demand
Faculty Sponsor: Steve Nutt, Materials Science, Viterbi School of Engineering
Honorable Mention
Timothy Kowalczyk
Electronic structure and spectroscopy of carbon trioxide
Faculty Sponsor: Anna Krylov, Chemistry
2nd Prize
Krystal Sly
The Effect of Varying the Cathode Composition on Organic Solar Cell Performance
Faculty Sponsor: Mark E. Thompson, Chemistry
1st Prize
Suet Ying Christin Chong and Pavitra Krishnaswamy
Long Term Effects of Nanosecond Electroperturbation Therapy on Cancer Cells
Faculty Sponsors: Martin Gundersen, Viterbi School of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy and Materials Science; Laura Marcu, Biomedical Engineering
Interdisciplinary Award
Kristy Akullian, Randy Robertson, Edgar Evangelista, Joshua Garcia, Ee Ling Ooi, Thomas Robinson, Ifraz Haqque, Justin Perez, Aaron Kositsky
SCEC/UseIT: Software Engineering to Create an Earthquake Monitoring System
Faculty Sponsors: Thomas Jordan, Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)

Social Sciences I

Honorable Mention Tommy Cavanagh
Awareness and Physiological Arousal in a Classical Conditioning Experiment
Faculty Sponsors: Jo Ann Farver and Michael Dawson, Psychology
Honorable Mention Fiona Torrance
Independent Study in Corporate Blogging
Faculty Sponsor: Sandra Chrystal, Center for Management Communication
2nd Prize Shaheen Munir
Cross-Language Transfer of Reading Skills in Three Treatment Groups
Faculty Sponsors: Franklin Manis and Jo Ann Farver, Psychology
1st Prize Daniel Goldman
Alcohol, Expectancies, Dispositional Aggression, & Aggressive Behaviors
Faculty Sponsor: Jo Ann Farver, Psychology
Interdisciplinary Prize Award Lauren Baron
The ability of child witnesses alleging sexual abuse to make numerosity judgment
Faculty Sponsors: Thomas Lyon, The USC Law School

Social Sciences II

Honorable Mention Matthew Borba
The Therapeutic Alliance and Treatment Outcomes in Multisystemic Therapy
Faculty Sponsor: Stan Huey, Jr., Psychology
Honorable Mention Elizabeth Cook, Archana Prakash, Kathleen Benton, Karina Godoy
Fire in the Built Environment: United States 1790 to the Present
Faculty Sponsor: Carole Shammas, History
2nd Prize Kareem El Sawy
Issues In Outsourcing Management: A Balanced Scorecard
Faculty Sponsors: Constantin Vaitsos, Information and Operations Management
1st Prize Meredith Goldin
Impact of Subtyping Salience on Consensus Estimation and the Black Sheep Effect
Faculty Sponsors: Norman Miller and Joy Stratton, Psychology