What is the USC Summer Bridge Program?

beachThe USC Summer Bridge Program allows incoming USC freshmen students to take two college courses and adjust to campus life during the summer following their high school graduation. Up to 43 students participate in the each Summer. Participants also attend a weekly workshop series which addresses issues in campus life and the educational process.

Who is eligible to attend Summer Bridge?

Entering USC freshmen students in the Neighborhood Academic Initiative and incoming freshmen USC students may be eligible to participate in the USC Summer Bridge Program. Invitations will be sent out to students during May.

What classes will I take in Summer Bridge?

Students will enroll in two 4-unit Summer Bridge courses will be offered this summer: Both of these intensive courses emphasize the development of the fundamental learning strategies and critical thinking skills which are essential for success in college as you transition into your freshmen year.

Can you tell me more about each of the classes I’ll be taking?

WRIT 120. Introduction to College Writing. Intensive instruction and practice in the writing process. Focuses upon the formal conventions and conceptual expectations of college writing, with emphasis upon the grammatical, stylistic, and rhetorical techniques required in successful writing. Graded CR/NC. (Eight contact hours per week.)

ENST 100. This course will give you an overview of how the natural world works, and the ways in which human societies fit (or do not fit) into it. We will discuss natural vs. human induced changes, and the ways in which governments and society manage (or fail to manage) natural resources. As this course satisfies a GE-C (Social Analysis) requirement, it will deal with the causes/consequences of, and solutions to, complex problems. Letter graded. (Eight contact hours per week.)

Biology (Premed). This course introduces students to the structure and dynamics of a college-level introductory biology course, including both the lecture and laboratory components.  Using active learning tools and strategies for managing and studying course material presented over the course of the summer, students will begin to develop their own personalized approach to studying biology at USC. Not available for subject or unit credit. (3.67 contact hours per week).

Foundations of Chemistry (Pre-Engineering). We will be exploring what is happening on the molecular level of everyday chemical reactions while preparing you for success in future chemistry classes at USC. Not available for subject or unit credit. (3.67 contact hours per week).

Math (Premed and Pre-Engineering). Through mathematical inquiry, students will develop the mindset of a mathematician and learn how to tackle pre-calculus and calculus problems arising in Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering. The skills developed in this course will prepare students and give them an edge to succeed in the Calculus classes they will take at USC. Not available for subject or unit credit. (3.67 contact hours per week).

I hear that classes are large at USC, how big will my Bridge classes be?

rollercoasterThe classes are relatively small with a lot of student-faculty interaction.

How many students will be admitted to Bridge?

We accept up to 43 students each summer into the program.

When and what time are the courses offered?

Participants will attend the second term of USC’s summer session which begins during the third week of June through the first week of August. Students will enroll in two intensive courses concentrating on college writing and the other in learning strategies. Classes are Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm (includes several breaks).

Where will I live during Summer Bridge?

You’ll live in a USC campus residence hall near the center of campus and enjoy weekend programs and activities to help you make a successful transition to USC.

How much will it cost for me to attend Summer Bridge and what is included?

parkParticipants with financial need will be eligible to receive tuition assistance for up to two 4-unit courses, books, supplies, and housing (with a meal plan).

How do I apply for Summer Bridge?

Incoming USC freshmen students are invited to participate in the Bridge Program on a first-come, first served basis. Students must submit their applications via email as attachments to our office at their earliest convenience. Students who choose to participate must complete and return a completed Summer Bridge enrollment contract and submit a copy of proof of medical insurance.

Why should I attend Bridge?

If you participate in the Bridge Program, you will cultivate friendships with peers in your freshman class that may last throughout your college career. In addition, you will have the opportunity to “jump start” your academic career and gain the skills necessary to excel in your chosen major.

Can I work during Summer Bridge?

Since the Bridge Program is an academic immersion program, students are prohibited for working outside of campus. This includes weekends.

Do I have to attend orientation before I begin the Bridge program?

Yes, students interested in the program must sign up for the F2 Orientation (June 20 and 21) as soon as possible. All other dates are in conflict with the bridge program. Please note that the F2 Orientation fills up very quickly.

Is there anything else I should know about the program?

Since this is an academic immersion program, you will need to stay on campus to study, to complete your assignments, and to go to the library for journal articles and reference books. Because most of your needs will be met, we discourage you from using your own transportation while enrolled in the program. There will be weekend programs and activities to aid your transition to life on campus.

Want to learn more and/or apply now?

Please contact Dr. David Glasgow via email at dglasgow@.usc.edu or by phone at 213-740-6146 for questions.