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Scanning and Scoring Scantron Exams for Faculty

Testing Services provides:

  • Scanning and scoring of Scantron exams for faculty.
  • Item analysis for Scantron exams.

Currently, only two Scantron forms are available for use on our scanning machine: General Purpose Scantron Answer Sheet form no. 4521 (blue) and form no. 4887 (green).  Scroll down to view samples of the forms.  All forms must be completed using a No. 2 pencil only; answers marked in pen will not be read.  Please note that we do not sell or have equipment to scan alternate forms.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the Scantron forms, please contact Testing Services at (213) 740-7166 or testing@usc.edu.


Purchasing Scantron Forms

Scantron forms can be purchased from Testing Services using an internal requisition.  Cash or checks will not be accepted.  Please call our office to order and arrange for pickup of Scantron sheets. The cost is $90/box (500 sheets); this price includes all scoring and handling of the sheets.


Grading Scantron Exams

Exams can be dropped off at Testing Services (STU 300) for scanning and scoring anytime during business hours, 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.  Please make sure that the scoring key for your exam is included and filled out completely.

Exams may be dropped off and picked up by professors, TAs, student assistants, and staff.  A USC ID is required when dropping off, picking up, and signing out graded exams.

Graded exams and item analysis are usually available within 24 hours.  Exams dropped off on Friday will be available the following Monday.


Electronic Delivery of Scores

  • Faculty may request an electronic copy of exam scores for their own use.  Submit requests here.
  • Electronic copies of exam scores are delivered in Excel format and are secured with a password.
  • However, faculty or another approved individual (e.g., TAs, student assistants, and staff) must pick up graded Scantrons and item analysis before electronic copies of exam scores are released.


Scantron Forms Supported by Testing Services

Click on the image below to see a larger view of each form.

General Purpose Scantron Answer Sheet (Blue), form no. 4521

Maximum of 200 questions (100 on each side), 5 choices (lettered A-E and numbered 1-5) per question






General Purpose Scantron Answer Sheet (Green), form no. 4887

Maximum of 120 questions (60 on each side), 10 choices (both lettered and numbered) per question