Eligibility & Application (Spring & Summer 2020 Graduating Seniors)

Progressive DegreeDue to the unprecedented circumstances related to COVID-19, Spring & Summer 2020 graduating seniors, have been extended a special invitation to begin a progressive degree program after they complete their bachelor’s degree.

Eligible seniors will meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative USC GPA at time of application; however, some programs may have a higher GPA requirement
  • Complete all undergraduate coursework by August 2020, including all in-complete coursework
  • Complete and submit an Application for Admission to a Progressive Master’s Program, including:
    • Application form
    • STARS report
    • Proposed Course Plan – the course plan should include any undergraduate classes that can count toward the masters degree (max 1/3 of total degree requirements) and all remaining graduate level course requirements
    • Students are not required to submit GRE or GMAT scores
    • Students with a cumulative USC GPA of 3.0-3.49 must include one letter of recommendation from a faculty member in their major field of study; Students with above a 3.5 cumulative USC GPA need not submit a letter of recommendation
  • Complete both degree programs within 12 semesters (6 years)

The approved application and course plan will be submitted to Degree Progress by the master’s program department and added to your academic records. Once admitted to the master’s program, all you need to do is follow your approved course plan.

Progressive DegreePlease note that financial aid eligibility differs for students in Progressive Degree programs.  Seniors applying through this unique application period will be admitted with graduate student standing and should expect to be eligible for graduate level financial aid funding (primarily loans) only.

The bachelor’s degree may be awarded separately, but the master’s degree will not be awarded before the undergraduate degree.

Ready to apply? Download the application and proposed course plan forms.