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2009 Writers’ Conference

6th Annual Undergraduate Writers’ Conference

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Conference Director: Kathi Inman Berens

Keynote Speaker: David Daniel

2009 Program

Analytical Essay

Researched Essay

Professional Writing/Moral Reasoning

Creative Work


Analytical Essay
(141 submissions)

Honorable Mention
William Sohigian
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – An Incomplete Rape Discourse

2nd Prize
Anthony Catalano
The Insufficiency of Tradition: The Plotinian and Irenaean Attempts to Refute the Gnostic Claims

1st Prize
Jason Lipshin
Hollywood Extras: “Seeing” and “Being Seen” in Pre-Stonewall Gay and Lesbian Cinema


Researched Essay (122 submissions)

Honorable Mention
Regina Pritchett
Highly Publicized: The Role of Public Space in the Generation of Social Capital

2nd Prize
Stefanie Demetriades
Parallels and Paradoxes: Western Intervention in Middle Eastern Governance

1st Prize
David (Brandon) Fite
Quis Hoc Vult?: An Exploration of the Role of Pope Urban II and the Causes behind the Commencement of the First Crusade


Professional Writing/Moral Reasoning (127 submissions)

Honorable Mention
Andrew Pouw
Viral Panic: The Paranoid Style in Microbiological Discourse

2nd Prize
Kunal Bambawale
Funny but Futile: Why Racial Humor is a Joke

1st Prize
Nicolette Omoile
The Intersectionality of Sasha Fierce: A Look into Beyonce Knowles, Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)


Creative Work (146 submissions)

Honorable Mention
Andrew Ramirez
Moving On (short story)

Honorable Mention
Cody Marion
Heat (screenplay)

2nd Prize
Taylor Friedman
Special (short story)

1st Prize
Hannah Kim
 Listen (short story)