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URAP Faculty Application

Application Process and Deadline

Proposals should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Education no later than Thursday, February 22, 2024. The funding period covered by this Call for Proposals is July 2024 through June 2025 (funding requests due by the end of the Spring semester). Students are encouraged to apply for multiple sources of funding (e.g. URAP, SOAR, SURF) but can only receive funding from one source in a given term.

Complete proposals will include:

  1. Faculty Proposal Application.
  2. Description of the research projects or collaborations in which the individual undergraduate students will participate.
  3. Clear definition of the role of the undergraduate researcher(s), including the number of hours per week that students are expected to spend in the research. (For a semester stipend of $1,500, eight to ten hours per week for at least 10 weeks is typical. For a summer stipend of $3,000, twenty hours or more per week for at least eight weeks is typical.)
  4. The process and criteria for selecting student researchers, which will assure that students who participate in these projects have demonstrated academic excellence, are well suited to the project structure and content, and will benefit academically from the experience.
  5. Details regarding oversight and supervision by the proposing faculty.
  6. Discussion of the integrative and/or group activities in which the undergraduate researchers will engage.
  7. Nature of the final research report that will be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Education by each participating student(s).
  8. Budget. (See the criteria noted in Guidelines)