Breaking Bread Program

The Breaking Bread Program is designed to provide individual undergraduate students with an opportunity to meet and have scholarly discussions with faculty members outside of the normal classroom setting. Through this program, students and faculty enjoy good company and great conversation by literally “breaking bread” over a meal together and USC will pick up the tab! Your meal event can take place anywhere outside of the normal classroom setting. Your venue can be a restaurant or eatery on or off-campus.


Only faculty may apply for this program; however, students may encourage faculty to apply. The Breaking Bread program is intended for individual professors and their current undergraduate students. The program does not cover ‘group meals’ (that include multiple faculty and students).

Only enrolled undergraduate students currently registered in your class as listed on each course roster sheet are eligible to participate.  Faculty members can invite a maximum of 1 to 2 students at a time for a meal.

In order to apply for the Fall 2017 Breaking Bread Program, you must:

  • Be a current USC Faculty who is the instructor of record for a current undergraduate course as verified by the USC online Schedule of Classes
  • Submit an online application at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the proposed meal event, but no later than the Tuesday, November 21.
  • Arrange your proposed meal event to take place during a Fall or Spring semester, no later than the last day of classes.  This will be Friday, December 1 for the Fall 2017 semester.
  • Submit applications per LECTURE section, per course, per semester.  No discussion/lab sections please.

How to Apply


Current faculty who would like to participate in the Breaking Bread Program, must submit an online application.

If you meet the eligibility criteria and your online application was submitted correctly, a “Breaking Bread Application – Approval” message will be sent to the email address you provided on the application form. This message will contain specific instructions on how to submit your reimbursement paperwork online no later than two weeks after your meal event.

Application Dates

Applications are accepted throughout the Fall and Spring semesters, but must be submitted at least one week (seven calendar days) prior to the meal event.  Please submit your application no later than Tuesday, November 21 for Fall 2017.

The meal event may not take place any later than the last day of the classes (Friday, December 1 for the Fall 2017 semester). If you are scheduling your event towards the end of the semester, your reimbursement paperwork may take an additional 2-4 weeks to process due to high volume reimbursement submission.

The Breaking Bread Program is not available in the Summer.

Reimbursement Rates

  • Reimbursement for a single meal event is based on whichever is lower of the following two methods (not to exceed reimbursement maximum):
    1. Actual amount of receipts, -OR-
    2. $15 per student (up to 2 students maximum at a time) + $15 for your faculty meal
  • Where appropriate, tip amounts may be included in the reimbursed totals, not to exceed 20% of the cost of the meal, and abiding by the reimbursement limits stated above
  • Alcohol purchases will not be reimbursed

The Breaking Bread Program is financed and managed by the Office of Undergraduate Programs.