Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application available and when is the deadline to submit an application?

The online application is available beginning the third Monday of February and the deadline is the fourth Thursday of March.

What is required from me when I apply for a Rose Hills Fellowship?

You must complete a Student Application form online, which includes the submission of a one-page description of the intended research project, and submit a Faculty Supervisor Recommendation Form. You will fill out the top portion of the Faculty Supervisor Recommendation Form and give it to your faculty supervisor to complete. Faculty may send forms with attention to Dr. David Glasgow through campus mail to MC 0896, by hand delivery to STU301, or via email as a pdf attachment to (preferred). Faculty Supervisor Recommendation Forms remain valid for one year. Faculty whose previous recommendation forms are less than a year old are encouraged to download the form and write “Use faculty recommendation already on file” before sending it in.

Can I have my faculty supervisor send a Faculty Supervisor Recommendation form to you via email as an attachment?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it. Please have them emailed as a PDF to Once we receive it, we do not need a hard copy to be sent to us.

When you say that faculty recommendation letters are valid for one year, does that include the letter that my faculty supervisor wrote for me for my Provost Fellowship over the past year?

Yes, that is correct. All Faculty Supervisor Recommendation Forms remain valid for one year.

May I enroll in a directed research (490) and receive a Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship stipend?

Yes. Students who receive a Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship may enroll in a directed research course during the same summer term.

May I apply for a Provost Fellowship the semester after I receive a Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship?

Yes, you may apply for a Provost Fellowship during the next term.

When do applicants hear that they received a Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship?

Students are generally notified via email during mid-April.

How can I get funding or credit for my research if I do not receive Rose Hills Fellowship funding?

USC offers a variety of funding sources to promote undergraduate research including the Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowships, Undergraduate Research Associates Program (URAP), or Dornsife’s SURF and SOAR programs. Students can also receive academic credit for doing research by enrolling in a 490 level course. Faculty advisement is required to enroll in a 490.

What are the SOAR and SURF fellowships?

The SOAR and SURF fellowships are offered through the Dornsife College of Letters Arts and Sciences for students whose major is in the Dornsife College. These programs are not associated with the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship and Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship. The contact person for both programs is Kimberly Allen. She can be contacted via email at regarding the SOAR/SURF related questions. Students who receive SOAR or SURF funding cannot also receive Provost or Rose Hills Fellowship funding.

Recipient Requirements

Are there any hourly requirements per week for the Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship program?

Yes, students must work at least 20 hours per week for at least 8 weeks.

Are there any requirements for recipients of the Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship program?

Yes. Recipients must complete a Recipient Profile before they receive their first stipend and submit a 2-page summary report at the conclusion of their research project. The forms will be sent to recipients soon after they start their project. In addition, all recipients are expected to participate in the annual USC Undergraduate Symposium for Scholarly and Creative Work held in mid-April. Recipients will be contacted via email with details about the event early in the Spring semester.

What is a recipient profile?

The Rose Hills Fellowship Science and Engineering Foundation requires all recipients to complete a Recipient Profile which will be used to supply biographical information to the Foundation. Students must complete the profile in order to receive their first stipend check.

What is a two-page report and what should I include in it?

A two-page report is a brief summary of the research conducted and the preliminary outcomes. Students must be sure to include a one-sentence abstract summarizing the project in simple terms. Additionally, the report should include a plan or schedule for continued interpretation, publication, and dissemination of the results of the project (i.e., senior thesis, co-author publication, conference presentation, etc.). Students may submit the report as either single or double spaced. Reports should be emailed to Dr. David Glasgow at as an attachment as soon as a student’s research term is completed.

Stipend Questions

If I am awarded a Rose Hills Summer Research Fellowship, when should I expect to receive my stipend?

You should expect to receive an email from the Office of Undergraduate Programs detailing two specific days and periods of time during which your stipend check will be available for pick up. Typically stipends are awarded in two even payments during the last week of May and June.

Is there any way I can pick up my check?

No, checks are mailed directly from USC Financial & Business Services.  We are no longer able to pick up and distribute checks.

Are there any options besides having my stipend mailed to my local address?

We encourage you to sign up for direct deposit. Students who elect for direct deposit will receive their stipends 7-10 business days faster than students who request to have their checks mailed. In order to apply for direct deposit you must complete a Direct Deposit Form and attach a voided check. Completed forms should be sent to: University Payroll Services, UGB 212, MC 8016. Be advised that your first installment will arrive as a check and all future stipends will be deposited into your personal bank account.

What if I did not receive my stipend check in the mail?

Please contact Tiffany Fong via email at and inform her that you have not received your check. She will issue a stop payment and have a check re-issued to you.

Why can’t I receive multiple sources of funding in a given semester?

Unfortunately, we do not allow undergraduate students to receive multiple sources of funding in the same semester because we want to provide research opportunities to as many undergraduate students as possible. Whenever possible though we encourage students to enroll in a 490 course so that they can earn course credit in addition to their stipend. (please note that other funding programs may not permit concurrent enrollment in a 490 course).


If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. David Glasgow at 213-740-6146 or at