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Directed Research - 490

Directed Research (490x) is student-proposed, faculty supervised research that can be used to earn from two to eight units of elective credit. Students must conduct research under a professor, and must present their work (such as a paper, formal publication, demonstration/performance). Specific enrollment requirements may vary from department to department, however, directed research is usually intended for juniors and seniors who have excelled in the major and have developed a specific research interest.

In some departments, a directed research course may also satisfy a requirement for the major. Please contact your department for additional information and required paperwork in order to take these special research-for-credit courses.

Below you will find contact information and, if available, links to required paperwork for Directed Research, organized by department:

Department Course Number Online Resources Contact Info
Leventhal School of Accounting ACCT 490x Milli Penner
(213) 740-4838
American Studies and Ethnicity
Dornsife College
AMST 490x aseinfo@dornsife.usc.edu
(213) 740-2426
Dornsife College
ANTH 490x Roberto Leni
(213) 740-2534
School of Architecture ARCH 490x Academic Policies & Procedures
Directed Research Contract
Last Names A - Le
Jahtm Flores
(213) 740-2090

Last Names Li - Z
Lisa Shimabukuro
(213) 821-0746
Art History
Dornsife College
AHIS 490x Jeanne Herman
(213) 740-4552
Biological Sciences
Dornsife College
BISC 290
BISC 490x
Undergraduate Research
BISC 290 and BISC 490 Applications
Linda Bazilian
(213) 821-1088
AHF 107D
Marshall School of Business BUAD 490x BUAD-490 Application Office of Undergraduate Advising
(213) 740-0690
Dornsife College
CHEM 490x advise@chemistry.usc.edu
(213) 740-7036
School of Cinematic Arts CNTV 490x
CTIN 490x
IML 490x
Cinematic Arts Student Affairs
Critical Studies and Film & Television Production
(213) 740-8358

Daphne Sigismondi
John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts
(213) 740-3986

Akira Thompson
Division of Interactive Media
(213) 740-6797

Sonia Seetharaman
Institute for Multimedia Literacy
(213) 743-2198

Kristen Davis
Division of Writing for Screen & Television
(213) 740-3303
Dornsife College
CLAS 490x
GR 490x
LAT 490x
Roberto Leni
(213) 740-5806
Comparative Literature
Dornsife College
COLT 490x Juan Lopez
(213) 740-2534
Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism COMM 490x
COMM 494
JOUR 490x
Academic Forms Undergraduate Advisement & Academic Services
(213) 740-0900
School of Dramatic Arts THTR 490x Leon Strayer
(213) 821-3896
Earth Sciences
Dornsife College
GEOL 490x Undergraduate Research Cynthia Waite
(213) 740-6109
East Asian Languages & Cultures
Dornsife College
EALC 490x Geinel Johnson
(213) 740-3800
Dornsife College
ECON 490x Shannon Durbin
(213) 740-8335
Dornsife College
ENGL 490x Rebecca Woods
(213) 740-3725
Environmental Studies
Dornsife College
ENST 490x Armineh Dereghishian
(213) 740-2534
Viterbi School of Engineering
  • Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
AME 490x AME-490x Contract Irice Castro
(213) 740-5353
  • Astronautical Engineering
ASTE 490x Marrietta Penoliar
(213) 821-4234
  • Biomedical Engineering
BME 490x Christopher Noll
(213) 740-0335
  • Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
CHE 490x
PTE 490x
Karen Woo
(213) 740-2227
  • Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
CE 490x Emily Caviglia
(213) 740-0589
  • Computer Science
CSCI 490x Steve Schrader
(213) 740-4779
  • Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering
EE 490x Jaime Zelada
(213) 740-4447
  • Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
ISE 490x Evelyn Felina
(213) 740-7549
French & Italian
Dornsife College
FREN 490x
ITAL 490x
Josephine Le
(213) 740-3800

Geinel Johnson
(213) 740-2534
Gender Studies
Dornsife College
SWMS 490x Jeanne Weiss
(213) 740-2792
Dornsife College
See "Spatial Sciences"
German Studies
Dornsife College
GERM 490x Geinel Johnson
(213) 740-2534
Davis School of Gerontology GERO 490x Jim deVera
(213) 740-1729
Dornsife College
HIST 490x Lon Kurashige
(213) 740-1666
Human & Evolutionary Biology
Dornsife College
EXSC 490x Laura Ames
(213) 740-2480
International Relations
Dornsife College
IR 490x Katrina Miranda
(213) 740-0772
Dornsife College
see "Human & Evolutionary Biology"
Dornsife College
LING 490x Joyce Perez
(213) 740-3891
Dornsife College
MATH 490x mathinfo@usc.edu
(213) 740-2400
Middle East Studies
Dornsife College
MDES 490x Cynthia Mata-Flores
(213) 740-3800
Multidisciplinary Activities
Dornsife College
MDA 490
MDA 494
Richard Fliegel
(213) 740-2961
Thornton School of Music MUCM 490x
MUCH 490x
MUCO 490x
MUCD 490x
MUEA 490x
MUJZ 490x
MUED 490x
MUCO 490x
MUHL 490x
MUIN 490x
MPEM 490x
MPGU 490x
MPKS 490x
MPST 490x
MPVA 490x
MPWP 490x
Office of Student Affairs
(213) 740-4721
Narrative Studies
Dornsife College
MDA 490
MDA 494
Juan Lopez
(213) 740-2534
Dornsife College
MDES 490x Undergraduate Research
NEUR 490 Application
Gloria Wan
(213) 740-6091
Dornsife College
PHIL 490x Ashley Barton
(213) 740-2534
Physics & Astronomy
Dornsife College
ASTR 490x
PHYS 490x
Leslie Ann Picazo
(213) 740-2534
Political Science
Dornsife College
POSC 490x Paul Kovich
(213) 740-3621
Dornsife College
PSYC 490x Undergraduate Research
PSYC 490 Proposal
Vivian Hsu-Tran
(213) 740-6163

Ingrid Popper
(213) 740-2204
Price School of Public Policy PPD 490x
REL 490x
Undergraduate Research Nam Ung
(213) 740-4723
Dornsife College
JS 490x
REL 490x
Ashley Barton
(213) 740-2534
Slavic Languages & Literature
Dornsife College
SLL 490x Susan Kechekian
(213) 740-2735
Dornsife College
SOCI 490x Stachelle Overland
(213) 740-8851
Spanish & Portuguese
Dornsife College
SPAN 490x Josephine Le
(213) 740-3800
Spatial Sciences Institute
Dornsife College
GEOG 490x
SSCI 490x
Katherine Kelsey
(213) 740-8298
Theatre see "Dramatic Arts"

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