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Renaissance Ideal

Do you want the most out of your college experience? Come up with major/minor combinations no one has done before. If you can dream it, chances are we have the programs, the resources, and the flexibility to help you put together the program of study that's ideal for you.

Renaissance Scholars

Our Signature program that honors students who pursue major and minor combinations from widely separated field of study. It's part of our educational DNA!

Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study

Founded in 2011, the Academy is an intellectual space where students and eminent faculty, through conversation, explore the interconnectedness of multiple fields of learning. The Harman Academy for Polymathic Study offers a series of conversational encounters intended to intensify polymathic (integrated interdisciplinary) awareness. These discussions are anchored in and structured by the quadrants of polymathic inquiry: critical and integrative thinking, study of the great polymaths, tapestry, and communication. Take your interdisciplinary interests to the next level!

Thematic Option

TO is our honors alternative to the USC General Education program. Open to entering freshmen from any major; TO students know it affectionately as Traumatic Option!

USC Academic Achievement Award

This new program offers high achieving students a break in tuition to pursue multiple programs. Get 20 units for the price of 18.

Interdisciplinary Minors (USC Catalogue)

Many of our minor programs combine materials and methods from several different disciplines - check them out.

Interdisciplinary Majors (USC Catalogue)

Many of our majors provide opportunities to study across disciplines - check them out.

USC Undergraduate Programs